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news Newsletter 26-May
Tue 26-May-2020 12:10

Attached is a Newsletter of my latest thinking for next Season just so you have my latest thinking. 


Unfortunately, I think it will be a case of Hills being reactive to whatever Winter Sports decide. Their hands are tied by Government having to decide when to allow Community Sports to commence and what restrictions apply. Lots of inconsistencies in Governments' thinking


I still think it will be an October start date for Hills, bar Youth League which should be able to commence on 11th September


How Canteens operate while observing Social distancing will be one issue. Spectators will be another, especially the need to be able to 'track them' should there be a case of Covid 19. 

There will be Rule changes specific to Covid 19


The latest from BNSW is: 


Based on the recent update from the NSW Department of Health regarding the revised Public Health Order on May 14th 2020, Baseball NSW have updated its position from our May 15th announcement as follows;


It is acceptable for groups to gather on baseball fields and facilities as long as they adhere to the May 14th NSW Health Department Public Order guidelines.


• Do not attend any sport if you are unwell and experiencing symptoms such as a cough, sore throat, fever, fatigue or shortness of breath


• Do not attend sport if, in the last 14 days, you have been unwell or had close contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19


• Anyone who is unwell should see a doctor in accordance with NSW Public Health Authority guidelines


Once at the field;


• A total of ten (10) people may gather as per the Baseball NSW prescribed Activity Zones (attached)


• The maximum capacity in any single venue at one time is the responsibility of the venue owner or Council


• Physical distancing must be maintained at all times (i.e. 1.5m apart)


• Change rooms to remain closed – toilets may be available for use. If a toilet is accessed via a change room, the toilet may be used, the change room may not


• Outdoor sport only - no indoor sport at any time which includes batting tunnels with a roof overhead


• A nominated person from each gathering must complete the ‘Baseball NSW Return to Activity

Checklist’ This can be accessed attached here as well as via BNSW Facebook page and website o Facebook Link


To ensure consistency, sport related guidelines are:

• The basic rule is “arrive, play sport, leave”

• All participants should be strongly encouraged to download the Government’s CovidSafe App;

• Gathering as a group before or after sport is not possible;

• No close contact or tackling is allowed as it is within 1.5m;

• An area of 4m2 is required per person (i.e. a minimum of 40m2 for 10 people);

• There may be more than one group of 10 people at the same time at the same outdoor venue

providing that clearly defined and separated areas of more than 40m2 for each group are allocated;

• No ‘mixing’ of people (including coaches) between separate groups of 10 people;

• Coaches, referees and spectators are included with participants in the total number attending

(i.e. a maximum total of 10 people);

• Spectators or people providing transport should remain in their vehicle or leave the venue where



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