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news Representative teams
Mon 22-Feb-2021 15:01

10-11 Squad (yet to be split into teams)

L Bolwell, E Bradey, P Cassidy, I Cusbert, J Crane, J Creamer, J Drummond, 

N Golds, A Hamilton, J Henretty, T Hayhow, L Hobbs, M Kirby, H Lennox, 

J McLeod, L Meehan, A Pett, N Rowley, H Salmon, C Smith, K Stolee, B Stoten, 

C Tritton and A Williams,



LL Squad (yet to be split into teams)

J Campbell, L Farrugia, M Farrugia, J Green, A Hawron, D Ireland,                

Adam Jankuloski, A Kediciouglu, E Kirby, S Kolc, A Lobb, H McAdam, Z Martyn,

D Price, B Sawyer, R Shannahan, L Stewart, B Stockdale, E Sutter, A Taylor, 

A Tebbet, B Thorne, L Vella and J Walker


Intermediate LL team   

D Cloran, K Cusbert, R Fletcher,  M Hayhow, R Mercer, C Morgan, S McDonald,  K Murray, H Parcel, B Richards, L Seda and  L Turco


Senior LL - is still trialing

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news Junior LL 25-02-21 at 10:42
Mon 22-Feb-2021 11:33

Unfortunately I have to advise that Hills' request to be allowed to only enter one Junior LL team in State Championship has been declined by Baseball Australia. It is a decision, while hoping for something different, it is the one that I was expecting. As a result Hills will have no Junior LL team in 2021. We thank BNSW for its support of our application.

I was a little surprised that some of the players did not trial for Senior LL when it was suggested.

We will continue with our original intention of offering Training and Practice games against other Associations Junior LL training. Please contact me if you are still interested in this concept.


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