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news Bat Rules in Hills
Sat 12-Dec-2020 0:47

This note is an attempt to ensure that Parents purchasing bats as Christmas are purchasing bats that comply with Hills Bat Rules


  7U   2 1/4" dia max length 26". Metal or Wood

  8U, 2 1/4" dia, max length 26". Metal or Wood

  9U, 2 1/4" dia , max length 29". Metal or Wood  

10U, 2 1/4" dia or 2 5/8" dia, max length 30" Minus 11 (both dia) USA Bat only, unless wood

12U, 2 1/4" dia or 2 5/8" dia max length 30" Minus 11 (both dia)  USA Bat only, unless  wood

13U  2 1/4" dia or 2 5/8" dia, max length 30" Minus 11 (both dia) USA Bat only, unless wood

15U  2 1/4" dia Minus 11 or 2 5/8" dia, minus 8. 2 1/4" dia. Max length 33". USA Bat only, unless wood. BBCOR bats are allowed in 14U but be aware these bats are much heavier

17U Cashmore USA BATs or Wood 34” max length 2⁵⁄₈” - 5  2¼" dia minus 11  USA Bat only can be wood BBCOR bats also allowed


17U Shipley/ Youth League Wood only, 34” max length


USSSA Bats are illegal bats in Hills as are Softball bats, in all ages including T Ball

 Hills Bat Rules

Hope this helps



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news Replay Dates
Sun 29-Nov-2020 20:58

The replay dates for games affected by yesterday's heat will be by the 30th January, 2021. If they are played before hand well and good

The replays of Shipley and Cashmore Leagues washed out in last week's storm will be by 20th December, 2020

Just a word of warning there are a number of Competitions which are drawn to play on 19th December (Daisley, Bergan West, Leonard West & South, Catt West and Cashmore South). These games can be played as a Midweek game, provided they are played by 19th December. There will be no extension to this date.


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