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news The 10-11 age group Representative Competition 21-01-22 at 12:16
Fri 21-Jan-2022 12:16

The 10-11 age group Representative Competition has been re-named LL Div2. What hasn't happened

is to determine what age LL Div 2 will be either 10-11 or 11-12 age group. There have been two votes on this matter, so far. Until that is resolved there will no trials for LL Div 2. 

Information re the trials will be advised on Website, Facebook and via the Clubs.



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news All Star Team 21-01-22 at 10:29
Fri 21-Jan-2022 10:29

There is some confusion among parents as to which All Star team their child should trial for this Season. This is a problem not of our making. It is exacerbated by there being no decision whether LL Div 2 will be 10-11 or 11-12 age group. I do not expect an early answer on that decision is up to  Baseball Australia.

We hope that it will be 10-11 age group but if the decision becomes 11-12 we will still be reliant on the better 10-11yo players to make up a team after we have selected two LL teams.

There will be separate trial/s to select the LL Div2 team, that team will not be selected from the trials commencing on 23rd January. No player aged 10-11 will miss out on an opportunity to trial for the LL Div 2 team.

Hills will apply the LL Rule that players cannot trial for two All Star teams. This season it would be possible for some players to trial for Junior or Intermediate and LL or LL Div 2.  We will negate the conflict in Junior and Intermediate LL by deferring the Junior LL trials.



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news Invitation for Coaching positions 21-01-22 at 10:28
Fri 21-Jan-2022 10:28

Hills is inviting applications for Coaching positions with its Little League All Star teams.

We now know the dates for State LL Championships and the venues, they are:

Senior League   Saturday 9th to Tuesday 12th April, 2022 @ BISP

Junior League  Friday, 15th to Monday 18th April,  2022 @ Aquatic

Little League & Div 2 LL  Thursday 21st to Sunday, 24th April, 2022 @ Greenway

There is no Intermediate LL State Championship, at least at this stage. We are hopeful that NSW teams will be afforded the opportunity to participate in National Intermediate LL Championships, Hills hope to have a team. This will result in a delay in conducting trials in Junior LL. Also delayed are the trials for LL Div 2 as we await decision on the ages of that Competition, 10-11 or 11-12 yo.

As part of the Hills' Covid19 plan Coaches must be double vaccinated against Covid 19.

Trials for Major LL will commence 23rd January, 2022

APPLICATIONS CLOSE with me on 31st January 2022. They are to be accompanied by the completed Officials Application form which is available on the Hills web site at    http://www.isport.australis.net.au/baseball/nswjhil/AA/2017/A16_Officials_AppForm.pdf

All Coaches have a current Coaching Accreditation equivalent to 'old'  Level 3 and a current Working with Children's check.

Preferably LL nominees for LL Coaching positions should be coaching in a Hills' Competition in 2021-22. Ideally we would prefer that Parents are not coaching their Child, but realise that with so many teams this may not be possible.

Coaches will not be the sole Selectors of teams, nor will they be involved in the selection process if they have a child trialing in that age.


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news Trials for Hills LL Representative teams
Mon 17-Jan-2022 16:52

Assuming that there is no Sydney Cup next weekend,, trials for Hills Little League will commence at  commencing at 9:00am on Sunday the 23rd January, 2021 @ Castle Glen. Trials will continue until the two teams are selected. We acknowledge that the trials maybe disrupted by the effects of Covid 19 but we have press on with the trials.

Previous trials for Sydney Cup. group training plus two games in that Competition has given us some background to the abilities of players.

Players must pre-register for trials. Registration is to include player's name, DOB, Club and two preferred playing positions. The registration for LL and is to be forwarded by email to johnyardhere@yahoo.com.au by Thursday 21st January.

To be eligible players must not have changed Clubs or Associations since Season 2020/21, unless providing documented change of Residential Address. Those players who have formal acknowledgement of 'Friendship status' are exempt of this Rule.

There was a significant change to LL Rules last Season. Players are now longer required to play in a particular Charter to be able to be eligible for selection in a particular LL team. The only requirements now are that players are the eligible age and they have played a minimum of probably eight games drawn in the current Hills Competition, excluding Finals. BNSW are yet to confirm that exact number; normally it is 60% of the total games drawn. Last Season there was an allowance made for the effect of Covid19 on all Association's competitions.

Where there are two Hills teams in the same Charter they will be selected so that they are of equal strength.

Should players miss a trial the selection process will be that if a player ranked above them is cut, then so too will the player who has missed the trial.

It is mandatory that all Parents attending any trial, or any game in Hills sign in on using the Club's QR Code

The trials for Junior and Senior LL will be conducted at a later date.

There will be no Intermediate LL at State level this year. Hills has an Intermediate LL team and is investigating if there is 'direct entry' into National Intermediate LL Tournament scheduled again for Mildura. Until that question is resolved we will delay trials for Junior LL, in fairness to the Intermediate LL players. Same will apply to 10-11 age group as the future direction of that age group is also uncertain.

There is a LL Rule which prevents Players from trialing for more than one aged team, so if you are age-eligible for two teams, choose wisely.

Coaches have not yet been appointed for any of the LL teams

Eligible ages are:

10-11 team DOB range -  1st September, 2010 to 30th August, 2012

LL team DOB range - 1st September, 2009 and 30th August, 2012

Intermediate LL DOB range - 1st September, 2008 to 30th August, 2011.

Junior LL  DOB range - 1st September, 2007 to 30th August, 2010

Senior LL DOB range - 1st September, 2005 to 30th August, 2007


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